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Assistant Principal

Justin Hollis, Assistant Principal
Justin Hollis

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the students, faculty, parents, and community as Assistant Principal at Myrtle Attendance Center.  We have a wonderful tradition of excellence here at Myrtle.  Our teachers and staff are the very best you can find, and devoted to helping their students become the best they can be in their lives.  


I know that with planning, hard work, and great attitudes, we will make positive things happen and continue the success that is Myrtle.  We are here to serve our students, parents, and community to the best of our abilities.  If you are ever around please stop by and check out the OUTSTANDING things we have going on at our school. There are five characteristics in being a Myrtle Hawk:

C haracter

H eart

A ttitude

M ental Toughness

P ride

With these principles we feel you are a CHAMP in life!! As always you are welcome anytime!


Justin Hollis